Protecting your family, yourself and your possessions may give you complete peace at mind, which is exactly what we at Fairfield Financial Solutions Ltd aim to provide. Finding the correct insurance for your individual circumstances, properties, investments and valuables is important, but can be complex and time-consuming.

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With three main house insurance products on the market, including buildings insurance, contents insurance and combined building and contents cover, finding the product that best suits your circumstances is vital. 

If you’re buying a new house, it will be likely your mortgage company will require buildings insurance. However when purchasing a flat or apartment, your buildings insurance should be provided by the manager of your property company. 

You don’t need to be an existing client of ours to discuss these services, simply to call our team on 01638 551476 to discuss.

With over two million landlords across the UK, landlords insurance provides the extra protection when renting out a property. From non-payment of rent to damage by tenants, amongst other attributes, many elements of landlords insurance are not compulsory, however standard buildings cover is usually required.

It’s usual for requirements to change from property to property, and an increasing amount of products available to multi-portfolio customers, contact us to discuss the options open to you.

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