Heidi SpencerIntroducing Fairfield Financial Solutions Mortgage and Protection Advisor Heidi Spencer…

The newest member to join Fairfield Financial Solutions Ltd, I’m excited to work with the team, after being drawn to them for their honest ethos and the willingness to actually help people.
I’ve grown up in Suffolk, now living in Mildenhall, and pride myself on always being honest and treating people the way I would like to be treated. I don’t sell, I advise, and I want people to make sure they understand all the processes involved in mortgage and protection products so they feel in control of their decisions.
I bought my first house when I was 19 and found the process confusing to say the least. I was not advised of all the tie ins and higher lending charges at the time… so clarity is something I’m passionate about. My strongest area of expertise is to explain things in layman’s terms, whilst relating to people and their situation.
Protection products are important to me also, as generally family is the most important thing to you, so why wouldn’t you want to protect them. I’m a very family orientated, I have 2 children and a Lhasa-poo called Lola, with my older brother and parents still living locally.
Outside of work I love to travel, walk/ jog and have plans to pass my motorbike test one day. I think dreams are important, its why I do what I do, to help people to achieve theirs!

Ben helped us by our first house back in 2016, amazing work! He is very professional, handled everything and made the experience very smooth and pleasant. I’ve already recommended him to two of my friends. Thank you Ben.