End of Year Round Up from Fairfield Financial Solutions

2018 summed up in a rhyme,
Give me a minute, it will be well worth your time;

Out of the snow came the winters sun,
January as busy as ever but we managed to have fun;
Our King returned from a trip far away,
we were so happy, she’d come back to play.

Springtime saw babies, a boy then a girl,
join the FFS family, it was all quite a whirl;
Needless to say, a lot of coffee was had;
for how else do you keep awake a new mum and new Dad?

Summer was HOT and our office got fans.
The cool breeze blowing over the FFS clan.

Frost came in September, earlier than most,
but ours was Jessica (Mark II) as she took up her new post.

Autumn saw our birthday, four years old were we,
October, an anniversary, as Carol got to three. 

Bob joins us weekly, to keep up to speed,
because if you have a question about protection, he can definitely meet that need.

All through the year, our focus remained,
just to help people achieve their life aims.

A new house, a new mortgage, or just a better rate?
I really do hope you think our service was great!

We won’t claim to be perfect but it’s where our ambition lie.
And we promise, we will absolutely try. 

So Happy New Year to you, we hope 2019 is the best
and if you need mortgages or protection this year, give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.