Introducing Mortgage And Protection Adviser Bob Walker…

Currently living in Upwood, Huntingdon, I first stepped onto the housing ladder in 1984. It was daunting buying my first home, especially as it was the time of endowment mortgages, and you weren’t given the mortgage unless it was on endowment.

I joined Fairfield Financial Solutions because of Ben’s infectious enthusiasm and drive to do what’s right for the customer becoming a specialist in Commercial Protection. I would like to think I can bring an element of experience to the coal face, but also relate to the impacts of ‘the what if’s’ as I have seen the results of what can happen without insurances.

The best bit of feedback I’ve even been given was: ‘Bob, you have changed the fortunes of our family for ever’ and ‘If we didn’t trust you Bob, you wouldn’t be here’.

I really do believe its important for our clients or anyone to have protection against the odds. In a recent article in the Financial Times by Jason Butler he made two comments that sum up peoples apathy towards protection and it is up to us to overcome this. He says: “Many people think ‘it won’t happen to me’ despite 50 per cent of people knowing someone who has suffered a serious injury or illness” and “ In general, we buy what we want, not what we need, and therein lies the problem with insurance: most people need it, but few want it.” He also said: “Insure for what can go wrong and invest for what can go right”.

Excellent and impressive commitment in securing a difficult deal, one where two other brokers had failed! Expert knowledge of the field. Could not recommend more highly..